Refinishing Hardwood Floors

To Replace Or re-Finish Floors

Tuesday Oct 20th, 2020


My living room had the original hardwood floors (approx. 22 years old). While they were in pretty good shape, with few scratches and grooves, they were most definitely ORANGE! No matter how much cleaning I did they never got any lustre to them and just by the doorway to my kitchen the polyurethane had worn and dirt was in the wood adding a gray to the look. One time gray in a house did not look fashionable!Before



I have in my past, when I was buying and selling places in the UK, finished floors there. Now in all those houses they had great hardwood floors but not like we have here for the most part in Canada but the wide plank pine floors with big gaps that add charm and character to an old victorian place. I used the old drum sander, which are dusty, a lot of prep work, a lot of sand paper, and a lot of grunt work, so it was not long before I was reaching for the phone to get some quotes to re-finish my floors.


It is definitely a cheaper and less intrusive way to go than replacing. I also found that a few companies use a technology that is "dustless", no need to seal off all doors, etc as that dust gets everywhere, and the stain and finishes they use are really quick drying and low VOC so pretty safe if you have furry friends like I do.


While the job went over to the next day, partly as it was wet and humid the day the cane which affects dry time between coats, it was quick and painless, and the custom colour I asked for turned out beautifully, no deep grooves like there would have been from me doing it, and tomorrow they are coming back to put in new baseboards and door surrounds as again, I am not the best at that and it will be done in a professional way, reasonably cheaply, and in a much faster time than i could do it in.


I am really please with the results, and now inspired to get the floors upstairs done which I will do in the next few weeks. The stairs which are way more expensive to do I think I am going to come up with a different plan of action. They are not a centrepiece in my home, and the cost would not be recovered if I sold the home.


I hope you like the results, I do, so do my dogs!

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