Memorial Park Off Leash Dog Area

Memorial Park off Leash Dog Park

Saturday Aug 25th, 2018


Finlly, the off leash dog park at Memorial Park (Central Park Drive & Glenashton) has been partially opened. The 2nd area should be opened soon.

With the ponds as a backdrop it is a really nice, and for me convenient off leash park to take Norman to bond with his buddies. It is according to the town a "trial" park, but it accommodates the growing density of the area with the Waterlillies complex and condos on Central Park Drive as well as the homes within the Oak Park community.

When it is completely open there will be two areas. one for larger dogs, which is the area open now and the other for smaller dogs.

It still needs some mulch as there is plenty of bare areas that after rain etc could get muddy and a table would not go amiss.

I am a volunteer at the park so I will try and get those things added with my art of persuasion.

Come on up with your hound and if you see me and Norm there, say hi!

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