Severance Pay Rights

Know Your Entitlement If you Lose Your Job

Saturday Aug 18th, 2018



Some people like the radio in the morning with their morning coffee, others silence. Full disclosure, I like TV white noise, so the tv is on, even if I am not watching it. Sorry!

This morning I caught a show (again) that discusses employment laws and entitlements of people who lose their jobs, and these include Long Time Employees, Independent Contractors, Short Service Employees to name a few.

Now, this is a paid programme  by Lior Samfiru from Samfiru & Tumarkin LLP but it was interesting to hear some of the viewers questions and some de-bunking of employment and severance myths. Once such myth is a lot of people think they are entitled to one weeks severance pay per year of employment, another that short term service employees have little rights. Another and perhaps the most important was the severance offer which had to be accepted by a certain time or it disappears. Apparently any offer is good for 2 years and is just a pressure tactic to get you to accept the offer. once accepted there is no going back to get what you could have been entitled to.

Something else I didn't know was the Ministry of Labour only advise you on your "minimum" entitlement, nothing more.

Losing your job can add a tremendous amount of stress to your life. That is compounded if you have kids and meeting their needs such as their activities, or perhaps university fees, your mortgage payments and the thought that you could start defaulting on your mortgage, taking care and maybe financially responsible for loved ones, or perhaps of your age, getting another job may prove difficult, the list goes on.

So before you sign or accept anything check out this Severance Pay Calculator. It is anonymous. get an idea of what your entitlements are. If you have questions contact a lawyer that specializes in Employment law and find out what your rights are before signing anything. It could be that call could make a huge difference in a very difficult period in your life

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