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To Replace Or re-Finish Floors

Tuesday Oct 20th, 2020

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

My living room had the original hardwood floors (approx. 22 years old). While they were in pretty good shape, with few scratches and grooves, they were most definitely ORANGE! No matter how much cleaning I did they never got any lustre to them and just by the doorway to my kitchen the polyurethane had worn and dirt was in the wood adding a gray to the look. One time gray in a house did not look fashionable!     I have in my past, when I was buying and selling places in... [read more]

What to expect buying or selling during and after Covid-19

Wednesday May 20th, 2020

Covid & Real Estate

It has been an interesting market since we have been under lockdown. prior to the lockdown the spring market was getting into full swing with multiple offers being the norm again and many homes selling well over asking making it more and more difficult for buyers to secure something, and sellers getting a better price than they had hoped for only a few weeks before. Then came Covid-19.   Initially, people just didnt know what to expect with this lock down or how long we would shelter... [read more]

Spring Forward An Hour 3 a.m. Sunday March 10th

Thursday Mar 7th, 2019


Spring is in the air...... well we are getting there even if warmer weather is not suppose to be here on a consistent basis until April, but we will have lighter evenings from this weekend as the clocks "spring forward" so sont forget to change your clocks before you go to bed Saturday night.   It is also a good idea to use this day to do some really important things around the house that we tend to forget but can have a big impact on your safety, comfort and cost... [read more]

Cool With A Pool

Tuesday Mar 5th, 2019

Oakville Cool Pools

It is currently Minus 8 today in Oakville, little flurries of the white stuff falling.... again, and more snow the last 3 months than average over a hole winter, so the thought of lazing by a pool with the suns' rays warming you, giving you that bit of colour that we all look so much better with, maybe sipping a tall cold drink.......well you get the picture, or maybe you are struggling to conjure up the image just yet, so I thought I would show you a couple of places in Oakville with cool... [read more]

KF Aerospace tripling their production at Hamilton International Airport

Sunday Feb 17th, 2019


  This is great news for the Hamilton economy with the proposed $30 Million expansion of KF Aerospace increasing their production line to 6 from the current 2 and one hanger will be dedicated to Mohawk College. An additional 275 jobs over 4 years, but I am sure that the additional air traffic will also increase for other positions and services in the local area. Check out the article from CHCH and some positions are already being advertised on KF Aerospace website If you... [read more]

Who wants amalgamation in Halton?

Saturday Feb 16th, 2019

You little devil you.

No one knew when there were Provincial elections that a review of certain regional Governments would be done by Doug Ford. Not everywhere is under review, only Durham, Halton, Niagara, Peel, Waterloo and York Regions, as well as Muskoka District, Oxford County and Simcoe County. There is concern that oakville may become part of Peel, Burlington may be part of Hamilton, Milton part of Guelph and so on. Nothing is set in stone, but you may not be aware that it is under review.... [read more]

Fall Back This Sunday Daylight Savings Time Ends Sunday Nov 4th at 2 a.m.

Wednesday Oct 31st, 2018


The evenings will get darker earlier this coming weekend as Daylight Savings Time come to an end at 2 a.m. Sunday November 4th 2018 so don't forget to put all your clocks back an hour and get that well deserved extra hours lie in on Sunday morning. It is also a good idea to use this day to do some really important things around the house that we tend to forget but can have a big impact on your safety, comfort and cost savings.   Firstly, if you have battery operated fire... [read more]

86 Years Young And She Is Not taking It Sitting Down!

Friday Sep 14th, 2018

Standing Up For What She Believes In

I met 86 year you Pauline Ponedel today on Lakeshore Road West in Oakville today out side her elected MPP's office (Stephen Crawford MPP) walking up and down the street with a self made A-frame, walking stick, and her trolley bag. Crawford's offices had their blinds down, she said he was in there but had not come out to acknowledge her or hear her concerns. She had been there a couple of hours protesting, and was good for a few more. "I have had a couple of people honk... [read more]

New Community Centre Is Opening In Oakville

Friday Sep 14th, 2018


Trafalgar Park is a new Community Centre and Fire Station and is opening in Oakville. To celebrate there will be an open day for the family on September 22nd between 10 and 4. Known formally as Oakville Arena it is situated between Dorval & Kerr Streets at 133 Rebecca Street There will be a grand opening of the Fire Hall at 10:30 and the Community Centre at 11 am Food trucks will be on site throughout the day. Check out the days activities and the centres website for more... [read more]

Some Interesting Info Behind TREB's August Market Watch

Friday Sep 7th, 2018

2017-2018 Market Trends In The GTA

Treb released their August market watch yesterday. It may take some people by surprise that prices had risen 4.7% showing a healthy steady increase to the real estate market. The number of  transactions increased 8.5% over the same month last year. An indicator that buyers confidence in the market is returning, slowly and surely. You can read the Report Here, but the one thing I found interesting is this graph showing the indicators to the market cooling and when they were announced in... [read more]

Halton Free Fall Giveaway

Friday Sep 7th, 2018

Free Compost

Here is a message from Halton letting you know about their fall giveaway. A cash or food donation is appreciated. Sounds like a good deal!   Compost Giveaway Halton Residents are invited to attend this year's Fall Compost Giveaway on Saturday, September 15, 2018, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Halton Waste Management Site, 5400 Regional Road 25, Milton.   This annual event provides residents with an opportunity to pick up high-quality... [read more]

Memorial Park off Leash Dog Park

Saturday Aug 25th, 2018

Memorial Park Off Leash Dog Area

Finlly, the off leash dog park at Memorial Park (Central Park Drive & Glenashton) has been partially opened. The 2nd area should be opened soon. With the ponds as a backdrop it is a really nice, and for me convenient off leash park to take Norman to bond with his buddies. It is according to the town a "trial" park, but it accommodates the growing density of the area with the Waterlillies complex and condos on Central Park Drive as well as the homes within the Oak Park... [read more]

Ding Dong, Where Is That Bong? The Impending Legalization Of Weed & How It Can Impact Real Estate Part 1

Thursday Aug 23rd, 2018

Legal Marijuana And What it Means For you And Your Home/Investment

Part of being a Realtor is staying on top of changes to the market, another big part is continuing to learn, and in this instance, learning about the introduction to the law that will have a direct impact on Real Estate and that is the legalizing of Marijuana. It was an interesting course led by lawyer Mark Weisleder of RealEstateLawyers.ca   There are many areas that it may impact you so I thought I might break it down into different blogs which will find a life in the next... [read more]

Know Your Entitlement If you Lose Your Job

Saturday Aug 18th, 2018

Severance Pay Rights

  Some people like the radio in the morning with their morning coffee, others silence. Full disclosure, I like TV white noise, so the tv is on, even if I am not watching it. Sorry! This morning I caught a show (again) that discusses employment laws and entitlements of people who lose their jobs, and these include Long Time Employees, Independent Contractors, Short Service Employees to name a few. Now, this is a paid programme  by Lior Samfiru from Samfiru & Tumarkin... [read more]

That's Rubbish!

Friday Aug 17th, 2018

Halton Waste Collection

How often have you been caught out with garbage collection day at your place? Perhaps you forgot to put it out the night before, and you find yourself running out in your PJ's as you hear the collection trucks coming up the street? Maybe you put it out a day early thanks to that public holiday earlier in the week? is it large item collections this week or is it next week? Fear not Halton residents because there is a sweet little waste collection calendar tool that you can easily add... [read more]

New Zealand Bans Foreign Buyers

Wednesday Aug 15th, 2018

New Zealand Real Estate

  Interesting article on Global News about New Zealand banning foreign buyers to make it more affordable for New Zealanders to get onto the property market, and not be priced out of the market by soaring house prices...... sound familiar? We in Canada introduced measures a while back to try and calm the market. Along with other lending rule changes that sees to have worked. Like New Zealand though there are some areas where foreigners can still get on the market. Here in Canada... [read more]